All I Want for Christmas!

All I Want for Christmas!

Families have various Christmas traditions. One that has been particularly meaningful for our family is that we allow our children to open one gift on Christmas Eve. But that gift is always some tool or resource to help them in their spiritual growth.

  • We do this on Christmas Eve just before bed. We want to keep Christ in front of the Christmas Morning chaos.
  • This is the first gift they open. A helpful reminder to keep our focus on Christ.
  • The gift is always focused on their spiritual growth. This helps Stacy and I remember the priority of discipling our children.
  • The gifts are always personal. Each child gets something different that fits their stage of development.
  • Shopping for these gifts creates a unique opportunity for Stacy and I to consider what resource or tool might be of particular benefit for each child.
  • Gifts have included…. New Bibles for maturing readers, A One Year Bible for my tradition of reading the Bible through alongside our kids when they’re transitioning from middle school to high school, unique devotional books for young boys, little girls or athletes, biographies of notable Christian leaders, a subscription to a Christian world-view magazine.

You get the picture. Let me encourage you… plan a shopping trip to LifeWay to check out some great gifts to help your children grow in Christ. And while you’re at it, pick out gifts for yourself and others to facilitate spiritual growth!

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