2020 By the Numbers:

Blog Posts: 118

The Noble Man Podcast Episodes: 40

The Noble Man Conferences: 1 Live & 2 Virtual

The Noble Man Tailgates: 4

Leading Noble Men Conferences: 2

Top 10 Blog Posts:

Leading Through the Coronavirus: 3 ‘Ls’ for Men [Podcast Ep. 2]

Men, how can we lead well during the crisis that we, our families, our churches, and our culture now face?

The Legend of the Dogwood

Employ a simple strategy to point the family toward Christ. Take the crew on a walk and stop at a dogwood tree along the way to share The Legend of the Dogwood.

How The Noble Man Cherishes His Wife [Podcast Ep. 8]

What does it mean to cherish?

Dealing with Disappointment: Wisdom from Dr. Crawford Loritts

Here are 5 Choices You Have to Make When Discouragement Comes Knocking on Your Door.

Boredom and the Battle for Sexual Integrity

It’s a common scenario. You’re too tired to read, and there’s nothing good on TV, so what do you do with that stress, frustration, loneliness, or boredom?

4 Strategies for Victory Over a Spiritual Attack

Here are 4 ways we can prevail over the attack of the enemy. 

Mentorship and Elephants

What can elephants teach us about the importance of mentorship? Turns out it’s more than you might think.

Filling the Gap: How Women Can Help Their Men Thrive

There’s a gap in church according to David Murrow, author of Why Men Hate Going to Church and How Women Help Men Find God. Murrow suggests that some men feel many areas of the Christian church have become overly feminized and do not resonate with men. 

Hope in the Supplier, Not the Supply: Finding Financial Hope During a Crisis

Take practical steps to steward your finances well even when it is difficult and the circumstances seem ever-changing. Check out these valuable resources that are currently offering advice specifically for the Coronavirus impact on the economy and finances.

Christ, Candles and Camo!

By Tim and Caroline Young – “If you would’ve told us one year ago, that we’d be married, living in Hawaii with each other, and quarantined because of an international pandemic, we would have laughed in disbelief. Our lives now are vastly different than a year ago, but oh what a joy our journey has been!

Top 3 Most Downloaded Podcast Episodes:

Leading Through the Coronavirus: 3 ‘L’s for Men | Episode 2

It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we were fully immersed in planning and preparing for spring conferences. It seemed crazy that almost overnight we shifted the Fredericksburg, then Richmond conferences from live events to virtual ones. The dominoes of the culture shift we see now were falling, and everyone has lost something.

Men, how can we lead well during the crisis that we, our families, our churches, and our culture now face?

The Noble Man is Encouraged by His Wife | Episode 18

Ok, ladies – this one’s just for you! Mike is noticeably absent in our “Ladies Only” podcast, The Noble Man is Encouraged by His Wife. Join the wives of Mike’s “Wise Guys” men’s group (from Episode 15) as they discuss the power of their husbands’ small group and the positive ripple effect it has on their family. 

The Noble Man Knows He’s in a Purity Battle | Episode 24

Our guest, Mike, shares his transparent testimony with us about how a childhood tragedy and a chance stumble upon pornographic magazines kicked off a decades-long battle with grief and addiction. In this authentic and sincere conversation, Mike opens up about how he believed he was alone and unique in his struggle and even felt betrayed when he attempted to seek help, but he ultimately found freedom in Christ. His story is a great reminder that The Noble Man Knows He’s in a Purity Battle, and we can be victorious. 

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Men, Which Version/Translation of the Bible do You Use Most Often?

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Men, Which Do You Use Most – Paper Bible or Digital Bible?

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Men, Other Than Christ, What Has Most Defined Your Identity? Select Top 3.

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