3 Classic Football Movies for Men’s Ministry

3 Classic Football Movies for Men’s Ministry

It’s football season!

And while there’s plenty of football to watch (or not as the case may be), I thought it would be cool to remind you of a few solid football movies that would set up a great men’s movie night this season…

Facing the Giants was the breakout hit for the Kendrick Brothers – The death crawl scene continues to be a great clip to share with men in a group or with anyone who needs to be reminded to press on beyond what they believe they can do!

Woodlawn – The true story of the Woodlawn High School team in Birmingham, Alabama has many elements for men to celebrate and process. It’s only been out for 2 years but it’s already a classic in my book! Check out this scene where Coach Tandy makes a courageous decision that bucks the system and launches the football career of Touchdown Tony Nathan!

Remember the Titans is another one that I could watch over and over again. Courageous coaches standing up for their teams and for what’s right. Stacy marvels at how watching this film affects me. I squirm in my seat and get emotional. I love the game and the movie. Check out this scene that gives the movie it’s title, Remember the Titans.

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