Why do we spend time each month writing to a group of ladies? We are a men’s ministry, after all!

The truth is, I am no expert on women, and I would never claim to be. But I have seen many wives and moms who have hearts to love their husbands and their sons well. I can’t offer any mothering advice, but I can provide perspective on what the men in their lives need and want.  

In the same way, I want to pass on an article I read from Kari Kampakis, a mom of four daughters. Because of that, I love her perspective on what she would want sons to know – if she had them. It’s a great line of thinking because as a mom of girls, she’s seen friends raise sons and develop qualities that will help them develop into great men. They’re some of the qualities she’d like to see in the young men her daughters will encounter in their lives.  

Like she says, it isn’t a complete list, but it’s a great list of practical ideas. If you have sons, I hope you’ll take a look at her thoughts and encourage your sons in some of these areas. If you’re a mom of daughters, perhaps you can share Kari’s ideas with them and discuss the standards it would be good to look for in a young man when it is appropriate. 

Check out 15 Things I’d Want a Son to Know by Kari Kampakis

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