You have a desire to see men transformed.  

You want to help build a community of men who desire a better, more fulfilling life from work, family, friends, marriage, and relationship with God.  

You are ready to implement a resource that weaves together the challenging realities of modern-day life with the practical wisdom of the Bible.  

That is what BetterMan is all about. This 12-session video-driven curriculum strategically connects men to life-giving manhood, life-giving mentors, and a life-giving movement of men. 

Here are some key details to help you launch a few BetterMan groups at your church or in your community. 

  •  Visit Check out the promo videos for information about the history BetterMan and the “big idea” to focus on. (You can also visit for related resources, including workshops with Robert Lewis and commentary on the Barna study, Five Essentials to Reaching Today’s Men.)
  •  Click on the “Lead a BetterMan” box in the upper right-hand corner, and watch the promo video. You’ll learn various ways to launch and lead a successful BetterMan experience.  
  • Select “Lead a Small Group.” (I recommend that both group leaders register and access the leadership material and videos.) There are several training and informational videos here that will be helpful to you.  
  • Continue to scroll down and finally select “Register Today.” 
  • Fill out the site-license agreementform, a simple agreement that says you’ll play by a few rules for your groups.  
  • You’ll be set up as a leader once you register and can log in and gain access to all the videos.  
  • ***Keep in mind that you will need to stream the videos. There are no DVD’s or downloads. Make sure you test your system and set it up before you launch your group to ensure you can stream the videos to the television or projection system. Nobody wants to watch while you figure out your A/V issues.  

One of the really cool things about your role with BetterMan is that you are a facilitator, not a teacher.

Here’s what that means: 

  • You facilitate or manage the group discussion after the video. You’ll need to step up and start the conversation with one of the questions at the end of the session or one of your own. The goal is to get guys talking and processing the material.  
  • Speak less than the rest. (Guys will grow as they talk and process together. Make sure they talk more than you do.) 
  • Everyone participates. Nobody dominates. (Some men are talkers. Others are hiders. Make sure everyone participates. Practice this statement, “Thanks for sharing, Frank. You’ve answered the last two questions. You’ve reached your quota for today. Bill, what’s your reaction?” 
  • Avoid the N’s. If left to themselves, men will talk about NFL, NBA, NASCAR, NCAA, NASDAQ, NOAA, or National politics. Keep them focused!  
  • Don’t reteach the lesson/material. You have some great stories and some real personal experiences, but please don’t reteach the lesson from your perspective. Your job is to help the men in your group engage in a dialog around the material.  
  • If things get heavy, find some help. It’s not uncommon for men to reach a point of vulnerability and transparency in environments like this where you feel like you’re in over your head. That’s OK. Reach out to a pastor or elder in the church for wisdom and help to navigate challenging situations. Many men move on from these experiences to significant work or parenting, marriage, addictions, and other heavy issues. You are helping to open the door for the Lord to work in the lives of men!  

To simplify it even more, here’s a template of the sessions and their titles you can download and modify to personalize the dates for your group. Don’t be intimidated, and don’t procrastinate. You don’t have to be experienced. All the hard work has been done for you. You just have to be willing. Go to BetterMan and get the ball rolling now.  

Mike Young
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