A Leap of Faith

A Leap of Faith

Part 1 of #TellTheStory

In April 2018, Carl Benjamin threw his hands up and said… 

“Okay God, I give. Let’s do this men’s ministry thing full time.”

Carl had spent the last 37 years in the corporate world as an IT database coordinator for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, but it was Promise Keepers events in the 1990s that first got him interested in men’s ministry.

“I loved it and I’ve been involved [in men’s ministry] ever since. in whatever church I was in, either starting or leading men’s ministry activities.”

Carl continued to serve in various forms of men’s ministry and was introduced to Noble Warriors when his church held The Manger Build event. He said that particular event was a lot of fun but was also eye-opening for him.

“We actually had a guy come into the church for the Manger Build who didn’t even know how to use a hammer. We had to help that guy, teach him, so he could help his kids build a manger. I just saw that as really neat stuff. Noble Warriors just wanted to help men become better Christian men. I realized that’s what I wanted to do too.”

Carl’s interest in Noble Warriors slowly started growing as he began to investigate and volunteer more.

“Every year you do a little bit more, and a little bit more. I had some big conversations with Mike and then I got to the point of ‘Maybe this is what I’m supposed to be doing.’”

After much prayer and many conversations with his wife, Terrie, Carl made the shift from the corporate world to full-time ministry. He says it’s a huge culture shift but has been working with Noble Warriors for 6 months and is loving every minute of it. He doesn’t mind working late anymore and loves getting out and talking to men and pastors.

“The Lord is working in a lot of men in a lot of different ways. I’m constantly running into guys who say, ‘You do that?!’ So that’s a lot of fun to be able to introduce Noble Warriors to different guys and pastors and be able to say, ‘Look what we can do for you! We are here to help you and we want to see your church succeed and build godly men.’”

Most of his efforts right now still revolve around raising support, but his primary goal, however, is to promote lasting change in the lives of men.

“A lot of times we say we want to have an impact on men, but I want to do more than just having an impact. I want to see change in men’s lives and I want to see that done through the church.”

Tell the Story. Your partnership makes these connections possible.

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