December 2022

“But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine.” Titus 2:1

You have a heart for Biblical Manhood: men who model their lives after the ultimate example, Jesus Christ. You see the effect of confused or toxic masculinity in our world. It is not a political condition but a spiritual one. As we walk with churches to catalyze men’s discipleship, we know the solution is to point every generation of men to Jesus.

This year, with the support of faithful stewards like you, we developed the Titus 2 MENtoring initiative, an effective strategy to bring generations of men together in discipleship. T2MEN launched successfully in one locality, and we are now developing a course and training to assist churches across the region to bring more men together like…


Dylan wanted someone older and wiser like Art to walk with and pour into him.


Zach wanted to grow in his faith and figure out life experiences from someone who had walked through them. Preston wanted to help Zach avoid the mistakes he made and find solutions for the challenges he faced. In turn, he gained better understanding of this generation.


Doug learned from Steve’s 72 years of life experience what works, what doesn’t, and what not to do – the painful mistakes Steve believes he could have avoided if someone had helped him along the way.

T2MEN is the epitome of the work God has called us to do in serving churches as they equip men to walk with Christ and lead well. Will you help us in the final stages of executing and sharing this project so that we can see more men come together in effective, intergenerational discipleship?

Partner with us in prayer, in giving, and in our mission to come alongside the next generation of men and BE AN AMBASSADOR FOR EFFECTIVE INTERGENERATIONAL DISCIPLESHIP.

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T2 MENtoring Orientation


T2 MENtoring Orientation

Preston & Zach

T2 MENtoring Orientation

Steve & Doug


Here’s a testimony on what the Lord is doing through the prayers and financial gifts of our supporters. We praise God for allowing us to do his work! 

When you join us as a monthly partner, you become an Ambassador for Pastors in Training.

“What does a church need to focus on when it comes to men’s ministry?” 

19-year-old Dane, a Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary student, hadn’t considered that question extensively before he met Mike Young. He started on the path to Criminal Justice at Clemson but soon felt the call to full-time ministry. As he now works to complete his Master of Divinity at SEBTS over the next few years, he’s doing it with men on his mind.

It began with Mike’s weekly trips to SEBTS to complete his Doctor of Ministry. In stepping forward to obey that call and to continue traveling there weekly, the Lord is opening doors for him to develop relationships with SEBTS leadership and seminary students from around the globe. 

Dane’s long-term plan is to be the head pastor of a church. Whether it is near his home in South Carolina or somewhere across the globe, he’s still waiting on the Lord to determine. Wherever he lands, he recognizes that half of his church will be men. While Dane has an excellent example of biblical manhood in his own father and other mentors in his life, he realizes he will be pastoring many men who haven’t had men step up in their lives that way.

“If you haven’t had that growing up, you have no idea how to be a man of God. You’ve never seen it done.” 

When Dane met Mike, he immediately recognized, “Mike is dead set on the calling that God has pulled him to of men’s ministry.” It has changed Dane’s views on becoming a man of God, understanding where men may fail to step up and where he personally needs to step up to be a man of God as he pursues becoming a pastor, husband, father, grandfather, etc. He’s learned from Mike’s training, “If you change the man of the house or the church (to be) the God-given leader he is supposed to be and fulfill, so many other things fall in place.” 

Dane keeps Proverbs 20:11 in the forefront of his mind. “Even a child makes himself known by his acts, by whether his conduct is pure and upright.” Every man has an audience. Someone is watching at every point in your life. You will have influence. Dane wants his audience to remember God through Dane, not just Dane. It goes hand-in-hand with the teaching Mike is driving home that He must increase, and I must decrease. 

It’s young, future pastors like Dane that get us so excited about the investments in relationships at SEBTS. He was already going. He was already planning to serve as a senior pastor. The difference is that now he has pastoring men at the forefront of his mind. He will start his ministry with the foundation of the principles of Biblical Manhood on his mind.

The investment in Dane and others like him will be multiplied in the men who sit in the church or churches he will lead for an untold number of decades, and only God knows the impact and return on that investment. 

September 27, 2022


Here’s a testimony of what the Lord is doing through the prayers and financial gifts of our supporters. We praise God for allowing us to do his work!

When you join us as a monthly partner, you become anAmbassador for the Next Generation of Men. 

Sam fits the bill for the kind of young man you’d look for to mentor. He is hungry and willing to learn. Yet Sam was experiencing a crisis of faith. He wanted to pursue Christ and make God his top priority, but he was concerned about what that would mean for his academic pursuits as a third-year student at the University of Virginia.

When he made the decision to put Christ first at all costs over the summer, God brought him an internship with Noble Warriors. Sam volunteered to help with office work and organization, focusing on converting resources to digital formats. It allowed him to focus on God 24/7. He read each of the articles Mike has collected over the years on biblical manhood as he digitized them and grew in that environment where he was in the Word daily and surrounded by mature Christians. 

That led to his involvement in the Titus 2 MENtoring program kickoff.

The T2MEN initiative was developed to bring together young men like Sam with an older, more seasoned man who can come alongside him and share the wisdom he’s learned over the years.

“I’ve never really had a mentor.” Sam’s dad has poured into him many of the same things he learned from his Titus 2 MENtor, but he wasn’t ready to absorb it until he heard it from another man whom he looked up to. He jumped on the opportunity to have a mature Christian teach him how he tackled his struggles and lived as a godly man during those challenges.

Sam never expected the newfound growth and excitement he discovered. He was matched with a mentor who, like Sam, is analytical and enjoys digging deep into science. His mentor challenged him to prove what it means to be a Christian and defend his faith. Sam grew further in his relationship with Christ, but profoundly, the results don’t stop there.  

Sam knew he wanted to find a group at his university to continue his growth and development. He got involved in Cru and participates in men’s small group and one-on-one discipleship with his core group leader each week.

We launched the Titus 2 MENtoring project for guys like Sam. He didn’t realize he needed a mentor until he had one, and he says that’s a challenge many guys his age face. Now he sees the importance of having a brotherhood.

“There are a lot of traps the world has for us. It’s definitely a fool’s game trying to navigate through that by yourself as a young Christian.” 

Out of his growth, he has since turned around and decided to find opportunities to share the wisdom he’s learned with other newer Christians seeking answers like he was. He gets excited now to see their faces light up to hear and understand something in a way they’ve never thought about before.

Young men are out there and open and hungry to know and live biblical manhood.

Older seasoned men are out there willing to invest.

But the challenge churches tell us they face regularly is How do we bring them together? 

Titus 2 MENtoring is a simple, duplicatable model to help churches solve this dilemma. Thank you for being part of the solution through your partnership with us! 

Sam (3rd from left)


Through our Titus 2 MENtoring initiative, we come alongside pastors in their work of ministering week-in and week-out to their men, and we praise God for our supporters’ prayers and financial gifts that enable us to do so! Here’s one pastor’s testimony.

When you join us as a monthly partner, you become anAmbassador for Effective Intergenerational Discipleship.

When we set out to create the Titus 2 MENtoring initiative, a priority was to remove some of the roadblocks to intergenerational discipleship in the local church in a way that engages men to lead and facilitate without placing an extra burden on our pastors.

We launched this summer through Swift Creek Baptist Church and we’ve had great outcomes on both accounts! 

Pastor Monty Guice is passionate about discipling men, and it’s built into the DNA of Swift Creek. It’s crucial to the church, but that doesn’t mean it comes easy.

He knows firsthand the challenges churches face when launching men’s discipleship.

  • Seasoned men don’t think they have anything to offer.
  • The men you need often think past mistakes disqualify them.
  • The men don’t feel confident knowing where to start or what to say.
  • Young men have an innate, God-given desire to be mentored by older men, but they’ve got to get past feeling nervous or awkward to get to the cool stuff.

The Titus 2 MENtoring program is a package he can get into the hands of men in the church and address these challenges by:

  • Asking men to begin by just making a small investment.
  • Telling them exactly how to start.
  • Eliminating the initial awkwardness that causes inertia.
  • Showing men what a win looks like – and it’s not being able to solve all problems or teach an in-depth Bible study.
  • Taking the intimidation out with easy-to-follow steps and conversation starters so there’s no panic over not knowing what to say or what to talk about.
  • Giving them the tools to get 3-4 successful meetings under their belt.
  • Making it enjoyable – both generations of men benefit.

He saw the value of the initiative right away – and he saw results.

“Some things need to be on your plate… this should be on the plate. This is important to the local church.”  

Pastor Monty teaches his own children they can learn the easy way and not the hard way by learning from someone else’s wisdom and mistakes. They need someone other than a parent to come alongside them, and it is part of what will keep them in the local church. It’s a solution Titus 2 MENtoring facilitates.

“This is the strength of the church – when you take your young men and invest in them. They will be your men in a few years.” 

Want to change the DNA of your church when it comes to men’s discipleship? Development for the Titus 2 MENtoring Course is in-process! By investing in Noble Warriors through a monthly partnership or your end-of-year giving, you are part of getting this solution into the hands of even more pastors who are passionate about men’s discipleship and the future of men in the church.


One of the ventures God has led Noble Warriors to this year has been something we could not have predicted, planned, or seen on the horizon at the beginning of 2022. Yet, God has placed us where the growth and opportunity to train men is unpredictable and unprecedented. We praise God for allowing us to do his work through the prayers and financial gifts of our supporters. 

When you join us as a monthly partner, you become an Ambassador for Training Future Pastors to “Act Like Men.” 

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:13

The Behind-the-Scenes Story

Mike followed the call to pursue his doctorate at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS), not knowing the additional plans the Lord had in store for him to minister there. God placed him there in the right place, at the right time, for such a time as this.

At the same time, two men on campus had recently begun implementing the “Elder Initiative.” Dr. Mark Liederbach, Senior Professor of Theology, Ethics and Culture, Dean of Students, and Vice President for Student Services, and Drew Ham, Director of Discipleship & Spiritual Formation, set the goal to see every male graduate leave with the qualifications to be an elder in a local church. 

Four key elements of the Elder Initiative are to help men understand:

  1. They are created male.
  2. To become intentionally man.
  3. To be appropriately masculine.
  4. To be unapologetically manly in the culture.

Mike saw what they were doing and immediately approached them with Noble Warriors materials emphasizing the same things. 

The Initiative

The men began asking, “How can SEBTS and Noble Warriors align their efforts to multiply their endeavors?” 

Mike has made himself available for discipleship with students and catalyzing men’s ministries in local churches, and the men at SEBTS are helping him facilitate relationships around campus.

He is connecting with current and future local church pastors across the southeast region of the U.S. to train men and help with training missionaries who will have a global impact.

He has participated in “Man School” – the public gathering of men on campus to help men understand the elements of the Elder Initiative.

He is multiplying discipleship based on 2 Timothy 2:2. “And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.” 

“Mike has boundless energy, optimism, and enthusiasm,” says Dr. Liederbach. “(It’s) a strong part of what he adds to student life here, and particularly with gathering and mobilizing men to be thinking about how to minister to our culture for the next couple of decades.” 

For the next couple of decades! 

Noble Warriors ministry values every opportunity to serve one man, one pastor, one church.

Through the initiative with SEBTS, these opportunities are amplified as we serve young men who are being called into ministry. They will begin their vocations knowing the impact of launching or leading a church by investing in men. Our prayer is that we will be able to serve and resource these future pastors and missionaries for years to come as God moves them into their ministry assignments. 

Our Growing Need

The initiative at SEBTS is one of the most crucial tasks we’ve undertaken in 2022.

“Understanding a biblical view on both sexuality and gender is quickly being lost. We needed to recover a biblical view of manhood.” Dr. Mark Liederbach, SEBTS

A railroad track on a level plain extends into the distance for as far as the eye can see. Up close, the tracks are parallel, running alongside each other on the same course. Further into the horizon, the tracks begin to merge in the distance, growing closer and closer together.

Noble Warriors and SEBTS are laying parallel tracks with complementary goals of training men in biblical manhood. Only God knows where they will lead. We are obligated to ride the rails for as far and as long as He will take us.

It comes with a cost. We cannot go alone. For those of you who are with us in this call to equip churches as they equip men to walk with Christ and lead well, this is one of our most pressing needs. We are equipping not just one church but an untold number of churches in the future, both locally and globally. 

It is no accident that Mike is placed there now. 

It is no accident that the school is prioritizing teaching men. 

It is no accident that they had just started Man School. 

It is no accident that God brought us together. 

It is no accident that our tracks are aligned. 

He has a plan and a purpose that is above all we can ask or think. Commitment to God’s standards of what it means to “act like a man” doesn’t just happen by default. It requires deliberation, intentionality, and effort. As we walk in obedience, each step requires time and money. 

Will you support us so we can continue laying down the tracks God is putting before us?

Will you give a one-time donation by December 31? Will you join us as a monthly partner?  

Future Pastors?

Future Pastor?

Future Spanish-Speaking Pastor?

Future Church Leaders?

Future Christian Counselors and Church Leaders?

Mike & Dr. Liederbach


You grieve over the state of manhood today. So do we. We shed tears, and it drives us.

The work God put before us is great, and we are grateful we get to do it. We are grateful you are a faithful steward of the resources God has given you. It’s why every initiative we undertake is covered in prayer by our team here and by prayer warriors like you.

Be an Ambassador for Kingdom Men through your giving to Noble Warriors.

We are humbled that you would consider partnering with us. Out of your blessings, you bless us and others for a future we will not see. 

May God give you abundant joy as you follow your calling to give!

“Their abundance of joy and their extreme poverty have overflowed in a wealth of generosity on their part. For they gave according to their means, as I can testify, and beyond their means, of their own accord.” 2 Corinthians 8:2b-3


Support the Ministry!

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