Part 3 of THE RIGHT NEXT STEP series.

When Reverend William Gibson started his most recent 33 Series group about a year and a half ago, he had no idea his first meeting would be his last – at least in person. His kickoff was timed right before the world shut down due to a global pandemic. It was unexpected, but what seemed like a crisis became a catalyst. 

Reverend Gibson planned his RIGHT NEXT STEP, but it led him in an unplanned direction. 

Meeting Noble Warriors Ignites a Passion 

Reverend Gibson has been faithfully walking in ministry as Pastor of True Light Christian Church in Hopewell, VA for the last 21 years. He connected with Noble Warriors several years ago and caught the vision for men’s ministry. 

“Influencing one man influences generations.” 

His eyes were opened to new resources and new opportunities. He got excited about 33 Series, and he has been sharing his excitement ever since. 

An Unexpected RIGHT NEXT STEP 

Gibson, a father to two daughters, seeks out younger men to whom he can be a spiritual father, and he encourages each of them to teach someone else too. 

Before the pandemic hit, he planned for a local group of men to meet regularly, but when they had to go online, it opened new doors of opportunity. Now his group includes men joining in from as far away as Michigan and both of his sons-in-law. 

Reverend Gibson will be the first to tell you that technology was not his forte. But he didn’t let that obstacle block his RIGHT NEXT STEP. Like Paul, he is eager to entrust what he’s learned to other “faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2) And he’s willing to do whatever it takes to create those moments. Gibson sees they have a hunger for the Word and for living their lives as Kingdom men. 

What are you excited about? 

In a world where too many in the younger generations are leaving the church, Reverend Gibson is taking THE RIGHT NEXT STEP to call them back in and raise them up to lead others. He sees that younger men are eager and hungry. Who will teach them? 

A lot of men get fired up about their favorite teams – nothing wrong with that. Reverend Gibson wanted to capture that same enthusiasm for a greater purpose. 

“If you are excited, they will be. If you are not getting excited, they won’t either.” 

It’s that simple. That’s the story. He sees men drawing closer to God. He sees them learn something new every time they study together. He sees their passion growing to lead others. And partnering with Noble Warriors has helped equip and encourage him along the way. 

Do you get excited when you hear what men like William Gibson are doing? Are you wondering right now what your RIGHT NEXT STEP is or where it might lead? As you continue to Click, Read, and Share the stories that Noble Warriors is part of, would you consider joining us in this journey?

Is stepping into partnership with Noble Warriors one of THE RIGHT NEXT STEPS for you?

God’s Word lights our path, but we don’t always see where that path leads. Thank God for men like William Gibson who are willing to take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP and walk down the road whatever comes his way. 

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