Another Empty Jar

Another Empty Jar

Minute with Mike / September 2017

Some years ago, I placed 4 mason jars on a shelf in my office. Each had different numbers of glass beads representing the remaining weeks of influence that we had until our children turned 18.

The beads have been a constant reminder that our time of critical influence passes quickly. Though I didn’t know how quickly!

Tim’s jar has been empty for 3 years. Zach’s jar is now empty. Ben’s has only 112 beads left. Hannah’s has 312. It’s exciting to see them move on to next steps but the empty jars remind me that two young men no longer live at home. (The good news is they still call me dad and sometimes even call when they have a question or need help.) And, I can’t lose sight of the fact that two jars still have beads. Now, I get to focus more time and energy investing in Ben and Hannah.

It’s challenging to make significant investments in them with the knowledge that they’ll someday leave. But, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

As our family works through this transition, I also have the joy and responsibility to pour into other young dads who need to be reminded to invest wisely. One day the jars on their shelves will be empty as well. With that in mind, we must all recognize that moments of opportunity are fleeting.

How are you using the opportunities God is giving you to invest in… sons, daughters, your wife, a young man, a sports team or a small group?

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