Battle Briefing | January 2022

As we cross the threshold into 2022, we have some positive challenges we’d like to share.

God has used many voices to encourage us that we can and should be thinking in a different capacity.  

“Your vision for the organization is too small.”

Some of the ministries who have worked with us throughout the course of Noble Warriors’ history have expressed these words to us. They have been where we’ve been and walked where we’ve walked and have a larger footprint than we do. 

They have seen that we are one of the few ministries that directly helps churches and pastors minister to their men, and they have challenged us to think bigger about equipping more churches and reaching more men. But we know that growth does not come without growing pains. 

Dave Romig and Rich Babbitt, from our Board of Directors, have guided us through a process with prayer and fasting. They have spent hours interviewing staff, volunteers, churches, pastors, and leaders of men in order to diligently seek out THE RIGHT NEXT STEPs for Noble Warriors. 

As we move forward, we know that taking our RIGHT NEXT STEP is tied hand-in-hand to your RIGHT NEXT STEP as a ministry partner. 

We can’t say “THANK YOU” enough for your partnership in 2021 and for believing in what God has done and is doing through Noble Warriors. We have some needs that we know God is providing for, and we want to ask you to be a bigger part of that.

Please continue to pray about our ongoing personnel needs. We have one position filled, 3 more to go! 

We have come so far. In 17 years of ministry, Stacy and I can hardly believe it when we look back. We have seen how God goes before us and are overwhelmed by and in awe of his faithfulness to the ministry. And we are not finished yet. It’s why we keep pursuing with passion the mission we are on. It’s why we have an even bigger vision for the future. 

“It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

Deuteronomy 31:8 

This article first appeared in the Noble Warriors® Monthly Partner Letter, Battle Briefing. Click here to learn how you can partner with us.

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