Babies, Basketball Champions, Small Groups, Red Phase & 22!

Babies, Basketball Champions, Small Groups, Red Phase & 22!

Young Adventures / November 2017

Many of you know Stan and Laurie Harrison. (Laurie is our Office Manager so she recruits Stan to help with most ever y event.) They are now Sweetie and Pops! Don’t forget to ask her about Lelia. She’ll surely have a photo of this precious granddaughter.

Hannah’s team wrapped up an exciting basketball season as champions in their region. She’s ready for a break and looks for ward to finish redecorating the bathroom she now shares with only one smelly brother!

In addition to helping lead a High School guys group on Monday nights, Ben also participates in a small group with seasoned men on Tuesday nights. He’s the youngest member by almost 40 years and learning much!

Zach is glad to be finished with Red Phase in the VT Corps of Cadets. Things are a little better now. We were able to visit him for VT homecoming! He’s always happy to see his Mama!

Tim turned 22 this month! That’s simply hard to believe! We’re looking for ward to having him and a crew of friends with us for Thanksgiving!

Mike & Stacy – Our kids keep us busy but we also delight in pouring into young couples. Four couples from our class had babies in the last 2 months. On some Sundays both of us get to hold babies in class!

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