Family Update / November 2020

There’s plenty going on with the Young family, but the big news is that TIM and CAROLINE are expecting a baby in March! Stacy and I think we’re a little young (no pun intended) to be grandparents! We are excited about this new adventure!

MIKE, STACY, BEN and HANNAH traveled to Alabama to see Caroline and attend a baby shower. (Caroline’s visiting the mainland while Tim’s away for much of October on a training deployment.)

ZACH was quarantined for over 2 weeks at VT because a friend tested positive. He didn’t get Covid… but quarantine is tough on an extrovert!

BEN finished another transmission rebuild and install. That’s three so far! He’s now helping disciple 10th graders on Wednesday nights.

HANNAH played in a basketball tournament in PA. She’s racking up the hours of practice driving and may be our best student. (That statement will stir up some controversy!)

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