Getting a man’s attention and helping him make a decision to attend an off-site event is not a simple or small task.

That’s why Noble Warriors wants to lock arms with you to mobilize your men to participate in THE NOBLE MAN CONFERENCE.


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What is a Battle Plan Packet?

The Battle Plan provides the Men’s Ministry Leader with a strategy for mobilizing the men of his church to participate in The Noble Man Conference. In addition to online resources and downloads, we will provide a packet via mail, which includes posters, flyers, etc.

Why did the conference name change from Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) to The Noble Man?

You may have noticed a conference name change but rest assured, Noble Warriors is still part of the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference Network! The conference experience will be pretty much what you experienced in the past. We’re simply re-branding it locally so it fits well with the NW themes and names. We’re pretty excited to offer The Noble Man and call men up to the ideals of Isaiah 32:8… But the noble man makes noble plans and by noble deeds he stands. 

Who should attend The Noble Man?

Men and boys age 13 and up.

What is the breakdown of conference pricing and how can I save money?

The Noble Man – Conference Pricing Matrix
Early Bird Registration (at least 10 Days before) Pre-Registration Walk-in Registration
Adult Group Rate  $ 47  $ 55  $ 70
Adult Individual Rate  $ 56  $ 64  $ 70
Student Rate  $ 32  $ 32  $ 32

You save 33% if you register with a group during Early Bird Registration, at least 10 days before the conference! If you miss that window, you still save $8 by pre-registering. It pays to plan ahead! An optional box lunch is an additional $10 per person.

How rigid is the age parameter for boys who would like to attend?

Age 13 is not a strict cutoff. We’ve had guys much younger participate with their dads. We just use that as a guide for two reasons. Both having to do with maturity… one, there’s a good bit of sitting and listening, which doesn’t work well for every young guy. And the speakers, even sometimes the keynotes, will be dealing with real issues of manhood, pornography included. So, we don’t want anyone to be caught off guard with that. My personal opinion is that it’s great for the younger guys to join us. It creates many opportunities for healthy conversations.

Is lunch provided at the event?

There is an optional box lunch, for an additional fee, that can be selected during online registration, or you may bring your own lunch. Plan ahead and communicate the plan to your men! Whether you decide to purchase box lunches, bring lunch and tailgate, or go off campus, eat lunch together! The lunch break is a great time to discuss and process the morning workshops together.

How do I get a Group Discount Code for my church?

A Group Discount Code will allow the men from your church to go online and register themselves as an individual but receive your church Group Rate ($9 discount). When you register your first 10 men, you will have the opportunity to CREATE A GROUP for your church. You choose YOUR GROUP NAME and YOUR GROUP PASSCODE which you can share on your church’s website, blog, an email, etc.You will also have access to this GROUP to go back and see who has registered from your church.

There is no question…the strongest invitation you will make is face to face. Use the conference business cards included in you Battle Plan Packet to help punctuate the request. Let us know if you need more cards! Use the enclosed sheet of labels to customize your business cards by printing your church name and/or contact person, and registration instructions on labels then apply to the back of the business cards.

View Group Discount Code Instructions here.

“If you want men to come, you have to ask them.” – The Personal Invitation by Patrick Morley

And once may not be enough. Here’s more wisdom from Pat… “It seems clear that a personal invitation is not everything after all! Better to say ‘multiple’ personal invitations…” 

Read The Personal Invitation here.

Read The Necessity of “Multiple” Personal Invitations here.

How do I find out who has registered with our Group Discount Code?

You can log into your GROUP by selecting MANAGE MY GROUP on the registration page to view who has registered with your group name and passcode.