Part 2 of the BE AN AMBASSADOR Series

It’s the holiday season! As the end of 2022 approaches quickly, we want you to know the difference your giving makes. Here’s a testimony of what the Lord is doing through the prayers and financial gifts of our supporters. We praise God for allowing us to do his work! 

When you join us as a monthly partner, you become anAmbassador for the Next Generation of Men. 

Sam fits the bill for the kind of young man you’d look for to mentor. He is hungry and willing to learn. Yet Sam was experiencing a crisis of faith. He wanted to pursue Christ and make God his top priority, but he was concerned about what that would mean for his academic pursuits as a third-year student at the University of Virginia.  

When he made the decision to put Christ first at all costs over the summer, God brought him an internship with Noble Warriors. Sam volunteered to help with office work and organization, focusing on converting resources to digital formats. It allowed him to focus on God 24/7. He read each of the articles Mike has collected over the years on biblical manhood as he digitized them and grew in that environment where he was in the Word daily and surrounded by mature Christians. 

That led to his involvement in the Titus 2 MENtoring program kickoff.  

The T2MEN initiative was developed to bring together young men like Sam with an older, more seasoned man who can come alongside him and share the wisdom he’s learned over the years. 

“I’ve never really had a mentor.” Sam’s dad has poured into him many of the same things he learned from his Titus 2 MENtor, but he wasn’t ready to absorb it until he heard it from another man whom he looked up to. He jumped on the opportunity to have a mature Christian teach him how he tackled his struggles and lived as a godly man during those challenges. 

Sam never expected the newfound growth and excitement he discovered. He was matched with a mentor who, like Sam, is analytical and enjoys digging deep into science. His mentor challenged him to prove what it means to be a Christian and defend his faith. Sam grew further in his relationship with Christ, but profoundly, the results don’t stop there.  

Sam knew he wanted to find a group at his university to continue his growth and development. He got involved in Cru and participates in men’s small group and one-on-one discipleship with his core group leader each week. 

We launched the Titus 2 MENtoring project for guys like Sam. He didn’t realize he needed a mentor until he had one, and he says that’s a challenge many guys his age face. Now he sees the importance of having a brotherhood.

“There are a lot of traps the world has for us. It’s definitely a fool’s game trying to navigate through that by yourself as a young Christian.” 

Out of his growth, he has since turned around and decided to find opportunities to share the wisdom he’s learned with other newer Christians seeking answers like he was. He gets excited now to see their faces light up to hear and understand something in a way they’ve never thought about before. 

Young men are out there and open and hungry to know and live biblical manhood.  

Older seasoned men are out there willing to invest. 

But the challenge churches tell us they face regularly is How do we bring them together? 

Titus 2 MENtoring is a simple, duplicatable model to help churches solve this dilemma. Thank you for being part of the solution through your partnership with us! 

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