Battle Briefing | April 2022

Mentoring is a big deal to me.

Pat Fiordelise is a friend of Noble Warriors and Pastor of Kingsland Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. His life has been shaped by men who stepped up to mentor him since he was in second grade. Two men were so influential he wrote a tribute to them in his doctoral project – which happened to be on mentorship. 

Johnny became his children’s church leader in the second grade, his middle school leader when he moved up, his youth pastor in high school, and he was the man who dropped him off at college. Not every moment of mentorship was “spiritual.” Johnny convinced Pat not to give up basketball when it was tough. He was a husband and dad Pat could see in action, day in and day out. He even gave Pat his old car when he graduated. 

Pastor Bill stepped into Pat’s life when he had his first church internship and let him live in his family’s basement while they worked together. Through Bill and his family, Pat saw the future he could have while following the Lord. He dedicated himself to that path, worked for Bill full-time that summer in his first youth pastor role, and is living the life today that Pastor Bill exemplified. Ultimately, it is a life of discipling and service modeled after Christ that Pat is duplicating through his life and ministry.  

For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.

John 13:15

Pat’s life may have been different if not for these two men who were willing to invest in him. They put their egos on the line for an elementary school kid, then a college intern, to say, “Hey, I’m not perfect, but I’ve got something to offer.”  

Every month we do our best to say thank you. We could not work to encourage and equip men to take the bold step to disciple someone, if it weren’t for you and your support. We celebrate stories like Pat’s because you are facilitating stories like his in future generations of men through your prayers, generous giving, and taking action to become a Johnny or a Bill in another young man’s life. 

  • Thank God for the men who pointed you to Christ.  
  • Pray for a man that you can disciple.  
  • Pray with us for God to mobilize more men in your church who are willing to invest in others! 

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