Family Update | May 2021

ZACH finished up BetterMan® with his guys and enjoyed a BYOS (Bring Your Own Steak) night at pastor Jeff Noble’s house. We’re excited to see these young men take what they’ve learned to the corners of the world! 

BEN is finishing up classes for the semester and is preparing for a chemical engineering internship in West Virginia for the summer. He’s also purchased another truck. Be on the lookout for the whole story later. 

HANNAH started a new job at Old Navy. If you’re on her gift list, expect clearance merchandise purchased with an employee discount… I can’t wait for Father’s Day! She’s also reading Lady in Waiting and studying the book of Ruth with two friends. They’re looking for their Boaz rather than a Bozo! 

OWEN is settling into some routines and letting TIM AND CAROLINE get a bit more rest. STACY visited to enjoy some baby time! We simply can’t get enough of this little guy! He’s already made his first trip to church with mommy and daddy! 

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