Battle Briefing | February 2021

If we say we need to build men strategically and intentionally, then we need to have an idea for what that looks like – or perhaps what it doesn’t look like. 

Recently, in our 1 Quick Question, we asked men if their church has a strategic plan to disciple men. 60% replied no, and out of the 40% who say yes, their comments indicate that the plan provides fellowship but lacks long-term strategy for discipleship. 

The Noble Man Podcast Episode 44 guest, Dr. Joe Martin of Real Men Connect, drives home the fact that building men must go beyond fellowship into brotherhood, discipleship, then disciple-making. 

“Good men don’t become great men without the help of godly men.” 

Men also responded to our survey saying that one of the top areas of equipping they desire is discipling others. Guys are hungry to invest, mentor, and disciple, but they are not necessarily sure where to begin. 

So Who Will Go? 

After the death of Joshua, the people of Israel inquired of the Lord, “Who shall go up first for us against the Canaanites, to fight against them?” Judges 1:1 

When it comes to men’s ministry, if we aren’t advancing in sanctification and growing to be more Christlike, it’s just men getting together. Thank you for leading the charge with us in strategically and intentionally building men. 

Pray with us… 

  • That every man in the church will connect with the purpose of spiritual growth. 
  • That we follow the example of Jesus in strategic, reproductive disciple-making. 

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