…But I don’t Want To Raise Money

…But I don’t Want To Raise Money

By Carl Benjamin / August 3, 2018 

Here’s a quick update on how my new role in life is going.

The quote below is from The God Ask by Steve Shadrach. I recently sent this quote out to a few guys that pray for me regularly.

I want to serve God and be obedient to His leading in my life, but I don’t want to RAISE MONEY.

I want to serve God and

Yesterday was a very encouraging day. I left the house early to meet with my chiropractor – seems ministry can be a strain on the ol’ muscles. While I was there, my mid-morning appointment cancelled on me. But instead of just going home, I was able to meet with an old co-worker from Anthem. It turned out to be a divine appointment. Before I left Anthem, I asked my friend to have lunch with me sometime. He is not a believer and at that lunch I gave him the book, More Than a Carpenter. He has been reading it and yesterday, we had time to discuss his questions. God is just so good. I was able to continue to pour my testimony into him and see where he struggles. I left him with one question about whether gray areas of life and death should be gray areas. He thinks accepting Christ for eternal life is too black and white. Life is full of gray areas. He thinks entering the “Pearly gates” could be based on good works also. After talking through some life and death issues I pointed out that his end of life situation sounds like a gray area that maybe shouldn’t be a gray area after all.  He is thinking about it. And the story will continue………..

After that meeting, I met a pastor in town for lunch. I was able to encourage and equip this pastor as he leads the men of his congregation. It was so affirming to hear his take on the importance of men’s ministry. He was even quoting back statistics to me on how important it is for the man to lead his family. He appreciates Noble Warriors and the resource we are to pastors and men’s ministry leaders.

I then went home and made phone calls, sent emails and some thank you notes to new partners.

Next it was my own men’s group time. This is one of the reasons I love men’s ministry. This is a group of men that the Lord put on my heart over four years ago. We are all still together even though we now attend different churches.  We continue to meet once a week. We have even added a few more. We know the importance and blessing of sharing life together as men.

When I arrived home I did not collapse on the sofa after a rough day. Instead, I was full of energy and felt like it was a great day. Why? Because, I felt I was being obedient to His leading in my life.

but I don’t want to RAISE MONEY.

When I sent this quote to my wife, she responded, “I get that, but…” We are not independently wealthy, we have a mortgage payment, we have monthly bills, we have a check engine light that keeps coming on in one of our cars and we have grandchildren that “need” to be spoiled.  Yet, we also have a God who promises to take care of our needs when we obey Him. Trust is a word that my wife and I are really trying to grasp and live life accordingly.

Please pray that we will not grow weary nor be discouraged. “I am the Lord your God who takes you by the right hand and says to you, ‘Do not fear, I will Help You.” – Isaiah 41:13. Pray that we fully trust God will cover our “but” in His timing and abundance.

Please pass this on. I encourage you to help me spread the word about Noble Warriors. Please forward this note to someone you feel might be interested. And if you are that person, I would love to talk to you about being obedient to His leading. My email is carl.benjamin@noblewarriors.org 

THANK YOU for supporting and praying for me. I really appreciate it. I could not have had such an encouraging day without YOU.

Carl Benjamin

Southwest Regional Coordinator

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