Workshop Highlight: Caleb & Ben, Grounds4Faith

Workshop Highlight: Caleb & Ben, Grounds4Faith

Meet the youngest of the workshop presenter lineup, Caleb Eckerd and Ben Young of Grounds4Faith. Caleb and Ben will be co-leading a workshop on apologetics titled Faith in the Furnace.

These high school seniors are no strangers to ministry. Ben is the son of Noble Warriors Executive Director, Mike Young, and Caleb, Ben’s best friend, says he might as well be the Young family’s fourth son and has helped work conferences in the past. The two founded their own apologetics ministry Grounds4Faith this past year with the purpose of equipping young students, especially young men, their age to share their faith in a public space.

“We feel like the greatest influence we have is to show others how they can stand up for their faith in a public environment, in our case, young high schoolers. As was the example Jesus set, these teachings should be taught to the men most directly and first. Men have a boldness about them, a warrior mentality that will stand up for anything they believe is worth dying for, in this case, their faith.”

Caleb and Ben’s passion for ministry didn’t happen overnight however. The two credit their own discipleship journeys to their middle school small group leader, Bill O’Brian.

“Bill taught us both in middle school small group at church. This is where our love for apologetics and defending our faith began. Since then, we have kept in contact with him, asking him for advice in specific areas as well as new information to take in.”

When we asked the two who was the hero in their lives, they said, J. Warner Wallace.

“Wallace is a well known apologist who we have had constant contact with. His faith and calling to share evidence for reliability for the Bible with others is inspiring to us both.”

Since the focus of their ministry centers on apologetics, Caleb and Ben say one of their favorite books to give to others is Stealing from God by Frank Turek. Right now, the two say they are in the middle of several different books, but say they have thoroughly enjoyed A Different College Experience by Brian Mills

“This book shows how to live a Holy life in an unholy environment. As we are both preparing to go to college next year, this book has given us great insight on how to stand firm in a faith that many discount.”

At this point in their lives, Caleb and Ben feel the man that they most identify with in the Bible is David.

“We are both young and often find ourselves in positions where we have to rely on God. Currently, trusting God that he will provide for our futures, specifically college. David also had obvious faults, but God’s love did not avoid him, rather, it covered him.”

As for the Bible verse that has spoken to them lately, Ben cited 2 Corinthians 4:1, Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy of God, we do not lose heart.

“The idea that our ministry is solely from God and not ourselves is humbling. Also, the simple fact that we should not lose heart, despite the fires we may be put through.”

To learn more about Caleb and Ben’s ministry, visit Caleb has also written a book, titled Destination God which is available to order on Amazon. You can read more about his own journey here!

Caleb and Ben are both excited for opportunity to present at The Noble Man and cannot wait to invest in young men. 

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