Can God Use a Man Like Me?

Can God Use a Man Like Me?

This is Part 1 of a series. Listen to Mike introduce this incredible story in the video below.

Change the man and everything changes.

But what starts that change? For some, it starts with a question:  “Can God Use a Man Like Me?” Noble Warriors exists to help answer this question.

Most Bible-believing men have probably asked this question in their lifetime. Brian Dalrymple is no exception. A member of Next Step Church in Aylett, Virginia and a believer for many years, Brian questions his own role in the body of Christ, specifically in leadership.

You see, Brian doesn’t feel like the “leader type.” That role seems better suited for his wife Janey, who Brian claims can “build a Bible study from the ground up.” She is a natural teacher. Brian is not. She leads Bible studies. Brian participates, but had never led. He describes it as being “the tool in the toolbox that sits at the bottom of the box, but never gets used.” 

Brian wonders if there was any tangible fruit in his own Christian walk. While he loves supporting Janey and her calling, is he supposed to be doing more?

Was God going to use him outside of supporting his wife? Will God actually use him?

Maybe you feel like Brian too.

It wasn’t until Fall of 2016 when Brian was asked to help facilitate a men’s Bible study, did he take on any form of leadership. The men went through two studies, one that Fall, then another at the beginning of 2017. Having only been a participant in the past, it was the first time Brian found himself not just being present, but actively serving in the group. He gained a better understanding of the difficulties men face and quickly developed a heart for the guys in his group.

After several weeks of a thriving study, the group session was over with a sixth month period before the next study began. The men were in limbo. A few guys approached Brian and expressed that they wanted to keep meeting, but no one was exactly sure how to move forward, including Brian.

A few weeks later, Brian, Janey, and a few friends from church found themselves at a Casting Crowns concert. The tour was titled “The Very Next Thing” and lead singer Mark Hall took the time to explain the meaning behind the title. Listening intently, Brian took Mark’s message to heart as he described an “ambitious desire to be attentive to God’s voice and to have a heart that was open and obedient to do whatever God called him to do next.”

Mark’s words lit a fire in him and Brian sat in his seat praying for the same.

“I found myself praying and asking God to give me a heart that would trust Him and be obedient with the very next thing the Lord placed in front of me.”

Little did Brian know, he was going to find out what that very next thing was during the Richmond Iron Sharpens Iron Conference… 

Stay tuned for more.

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