Carl Benjamin

During the Promise Keepers movement, God began working on Carl’s heart in the area of men’s ministry. He helped organize a men’s ministry in his church in Kentucky, as well as initiating one-on-one accountability groups among men. Carl then moved his family to Virginia where he continued to help organize men’s ministries activities in his church and was introduced to Noble Warriors. He began volunteering for Noble Warriors in the Roanoke Valley, helping organize and run the monthly regional meetings, helping with the conferences in Roanoke, and holding Manger Build® events at his church. 

In April 2018, Carl left his corporate job as a Database Administrator at Anthem BC/BS and took the step of faith into full time men’s ministry with Noble Warriors as the Southwest Regional Coordinator. He loves his new job, which he says gives him the privilege of talking with a variety of men about men’s discipleship, men’s retreats, building man-to-man relationships in small groups and so much more. His passion and goal is to get men excited about walking with Christ and leading well in their homes, churches and communities.

Carl has been married to his lovely bride Terrie for over 30 years.  They have five wonderful children (three by birth and two by marriage), two grandchildren and a grand-dog. When not out talking with men, Carl enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, golf and strolling along the greenway with his wife.

Fun Facts About Carl

  • I like to go backpacking but have trouble finding the time. I’ve hiked almost all of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia and good chunks of Tenn. and NC.  I love living in the mountains. Go Hokies!
  • My favorite ice cream is Cookie dough, Rocky Road, Moose Tracks, etc.
  • Meat lovers is the best pizza topping.
  • My first car? It was white, two doors, four wheels… I think it was a Ford Maverick.
  • If given the opportunity, I would love to have dinner with my dad. Just to connect and express our true feelings for each other which I didn’t feel we did a really good job of before he passed.

Meet Me at the Fire [Podcast Special Episode]

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