Battle Briefing | June 2022

We are a huge fan of resources like BetterMan, Men’s Fraternity, 33 The Series, Kingdom Man and many more, and we recommend them regularly. 

We’ve also recognized there is sometimes a gap between a guy wanting to lead men’s discipleship and feeling equipped to do so. That’s why we just launched a new pilot initiative to take the calling of catalyzing men’s discipleship through the local church one step further. 

Meet Me at the Fire is a simple and instructive course designed for an informal setting where men are comfortable – around the fire. 

The big deal about this tool is that a guy doesn’t have to be an experienced leader to do a great job leading. It’s filled with content tips, leadership tips, and all the follow-up communication he needs to carry him through. The Pro Tips help take the intimidation out of getting started. 

We know as believers we are called to disciple others. Thank you for partnering with us as we equip men in the church to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19) Thank you for helping us tear down obstacles that could stand in their way. 

Please pray for MMATF to impact:

  • Leaders to step up.
  • Men to be drawn to the Light of Christ and to Christian mentors.
  • Transparency about sin that leads to transformation.

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