Change the Man & Everything Changes

Change the Man & Everything Changes

This is Part 4 of the Ignite the Flame series. Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here. Listen to Mike introduce this incredible story in a video here.

If you’ve been following the story of Brian Dalrymple the past several weeks, you have read how he went from unsure of his role in the body of Christ, to a small group leader of men, a discipler, a 2 Timothy 2:2 man. He’s been leading a small group at Bojangles for the past few months and he’s still blown away at what the Lord has done and the change in his life and theirs.

Friends of Brian are also seeing the change. Dave Anderson, a good friend of Noble Warriors and the Men’s Ministry Director of Brian’s congregation at Next Step Church, says the change in Brian is evident.

“Brian has developed a passion to connect with other men… he used to be reserved and quiet and now he regularly engages other men in the church. Brian is not afraid to reach out for advice and guidance on how to disciple with other men.”

Learn more in this interview with Dave Anderson.

Maybe you’re feeling like Brian.

You want to do the very next thing. You want to be attentive to the Holy Spirit. But, it’s easy to read about someone else and see how God has been working Maybe you’re thinking you want to lead, but you aren’t sure how to start. When asked how he would encourage other men Brian had this to say:

“I would encourage them to listen to the call and not to listen to the voices of Satan that are trying to discourage you.”

Brian states that this is a weekly struggle for him.

“It usually starts sometimes Sunday after church, I think: ‘48 hours from now, you’ll be sitting in front of those guys, you’re not equipped to do this.’ I’m beat up by Tuesday. It’s hard to roll into Bojangles, but after we walk out of the study I’m always blown away by how God worked. The lies were just that. They were lies.”

Brian also sought advice from Noble Warriors director, Mike Young, who had some practical ground rules to help jump start your men’s small group. He says to remember that there are no experts in your group, which includes you. Everyone who is meeting is meeting to learn and grow as a follower of Christ. Also, expect someone to say something ridiculous, and act with a sense of grace and mercy when those moments arise.

Change the man and everything changes.

That’s what Brian Dalrymple discovered. Maybe it’s your turn to ignore the lies, and change the man in you.

Light the fuse.

Be attentive to the call and discover what the very next thing is in your walk.

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