Christen Campbell

Christen McKey

Christen is the Communication Gal and helps out with various aspects of communication, social media, graphic design, administration, and the conferences.

She has a passion for families, and through her own experiences, has seen firsthand the great need for the ministry of Noble Warriors. The impact of men’s discipleship can literally change everything for a family and she is grateful that God has allowed her the opportunity to be a part of this team. Her passion for families and men’s discipleship also extends to the ministry of DivorceCare, in which she and her husband serve at their church.

Christen enjoys camping and playing outdoors with her husband and two kids (a friendly curly-red-headed daughter and an energetic Noble Warrior in training), as well as spending time with her three “bonus” kids, photography, running, reading/writing, DIY projects, baking, traveling and French Press coffee.

Fun Facts About Christen

  • I am part pig. After having a large tumor removed, I ended up with pig parts where my left ab muscles used to be.
  • Mayfield’s Moose Tracks is my favorite ice cream.
  • My favorite pizza toppings are pineapple and bacon. (I may be part pig. But I still eat bacon.)
  • My first car was my dad’s old Ford Ranger.
  • I have always loved stories of survival, and would love to dine with Corrie ten Boom. She not only survived the unimaginable, she was a light in such darkness, leaving a legacy of incredible faith and devotion to helping others.