Is Your Church Building Men?

Dennis Rainey understands the value of helping churches invest in men. Here’s a bit of his advice to couples looking for a church home…

“Does it build men? I’m not minimizing ministry to women and children, but a lot of the struggles in our families and culture could become points of victory if men were equipped with a vision for manhood and were living it out.”

From Moments with You: Daily Connections for Couples by Dennis and Barbara Rainey. March 11 devotional.

Dennis will expand on this and encourage pastors to invest in men strategically at Leading Noble Men hosted by Noble Warriors.

As pastor of Concord Church in Dallas, Bryan Carter gets what Dennis is talking about. He invests in men because his pastor (Dr. E. K. Bailey) invested in him as a young man. Bryan led and taught the Men’s Fraternity material at his church for many years. The impact was so great that he was invited to be part of the writing and teaching team for Authentic Manhood 33 The Series. Bryan leads his church from the front as a man and builds into other men!

You’ll want to be here with your team to learn from his experience and example.

Plan now to attend the conference on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 with a team of ministry leaders from your church.

  1. Save the date on your calendar and your church calendar.
  2. Invite your pastor or men’s ministry leadership team.
  3. Register now here.

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