Family Update / June 2020

Ring dance was cancelled at Virginia Tech this spring, so ZACH’S class ring came in the mail. VT graduates in the family presented his ring at a family event. He also bought a truck…

BEN has rebuilt another transmission… for the first time. I’ll let you know next month whether it worked or not!

TIM and CAROLINE are both back at work but still finding time to connect with other couples from their church to enjoy the beaches.

HANNAH traveled to Alabama with her brothers to visit some family friends (actually Caroline’s family. How cool is that?) The boys brought her along because she packs a mean snack bag! They stopped for lunch with NW Board Member, Rich Babbitt, in Johnson City, TN.

STACY and I enjoyed a picnic Sunday afternoon trip to Williamsburg. We’ve also had a couple of fun ho-downs with Stacy’s family! We were all really excited to meet together IN PERSON with our church family on May 30!

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