Connecting Men to the Creator

Connecting Men to the Creator

Minute with Mike / November 2018

I finally met CJ Stewart in person a few weeks ago! I first encountered CJ after reading an article that a pastor’s wife shared. CJ is a wounded vet who launched Camp Down Range when he returned from Afghanistan, and he is committed to helping young guys step into biblical manhood. He hosts ‘boot camp’ experiences to create physical and emotional stress that lead to spiritual pliability.

CJ is now a member of the National Coalition of Ministries to Men. Through NCMM, he’s connecting to other men who disciple men. It was great fun to introduce him to other men who had served our country and are now in ministry as well as ministry leaders who leverage outdoor experiences to connect men to the Creator.

Your partnership helps Noble Warriors participate in the NCMM (where I serve as President) and extends our impact all the way to Jackson, Mississippi, where we get to encourage 29 year-old CJ Stewart as he points young men to Jesus. I’m hopeful that CJ will join us next year as a workshop presenter at one of our conferences!

  • Let’s pray together that God will raise up other young men like CJ to invest in the next generation of godly men!

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“Camp Down Range is my way of staying in the fight, of still serving. Through Camp Down Range, I found a way to continue being a warrior.” – C.J. Stewart

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