Cooperation vs. Competition

Cooperation vs. Competition

Minute with Mike / November 2019

Satan tries to convince churches, ministries and individuals that we’re in competition with each other, but it simply isn’t true. Paul uses the analogy of a body and its various parts to remind us that we’re all different but valuable. One of the things I love about the National Coalition of Ministries to Men and our NW Conferences is the variety.

NCMM is made up of men and ministries from across the country who share a common calling to point men to Jesus. Our ministries just manifest themselves in different ways. Various churches bring men to our conferences, but we’re focused on Jesus’ example of biblical manhood. I love the fact that we may look different, sing different, and have different backgrounds.

BUT we’re united because of Christ.

There are clear distinctives that we must understand. But, remember, Satan is a divider. Christ is a uniter. Remember His prayer for us in John 17… “that they may be one, even as we are one.” Could I encourage you to look for common ground to stand on with other Christ followers before you start identifying differences? (For a great article about this, search for Al Mohler’s article titled: A Call for Theological Triage and Christian Maturity)

Thanks for locking arms with us and others who are encouraging men to walk with Christ and lead well!

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