Countdown to Launch 2020 Season

Countdown to Launch 2020 Season

Everything rises and falls on leadership. That’s why we start our conference season each year with our Leading Noble Men event.

The original mission is still in play, To stir the hearts of pastors to prioritize men’s discipleship in the local church. Together, we can pray, invite, encourage and cheer for pastors and leaders to invest strategically in men.

Here’s what that looks like. This email just came in from a pastor who recently moved to the area and heard about Noble Warriors. (Perhaps one of you told him about our ministry!)

This is Pastor Jon Couch and my family and I have recently relocated from Florida to around the corner from you in Chester, VA where I am pastoring a church. For nearly 20 years now my passion has been reaching men for the glory of God, and I believe that we are currently in the greatest man crisis in the history of our country. I also know that if we win the man, we win the home, and if we win the home, we win the church. I have cast the vision to our church that the most potent and intentional ministry in our church will be the men’s ministry. Everything in a church rises and falls on the effectiveness of the men’s ministry. Other than the pulpit, discipling men to be disciples of Jesus that make disciples of Jesus is my primary goal.

Be encouraged brother and do not lose heart. Praying for you and holding your arms up in the battle as you reach men for God’s glory.

What a cool message to receive in my inbox!

Let’s pray together that January 28th will be a day when over 500 pastors and leaders from across the state are encouraged to make discipling men a high order priority in their churches!

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