Countdown, Road March, Softball, Pottery & Catapulted Couples

Countdown, Road March, Softball, Pottery & Catapulted Couples

Young Adventures / May 2018

Countdown is less than 30 days… Currently, the Firsties at USMA have fewer days remaining than the Plebes have MONTHS until graduation. TIM’S glad to be on this side of the equation now!

ZACH ‘turned’ this month… A 12 mile road march signified the end of the plebe experience for Zach and his class. They ‘turned’ to be greeted by upperclassmen as full members of the VT Corps of Cadets.

BEN’S playing softball on the church team and working out his summer schedule. He’s waiting to hear about an extended mission to South/Southeast Asia.

HANNAH set a PR (Personal Record) in the shotput with a 30’ 2” throw. She was able to compete in the county meet. We enjoyed a father/daughter date to paint pottery over spring break.

STACY and I are excited that the young couples who have been part of our class for 3 years are being ‘catapulted’ out to launch new classes. This is an exciting launch time for them and us. We now have some empty seats and are looking for more young couples!

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