Creating a Biblical Authenticity Zone

Biblical Authenticity

A recent post in Noble Notes titled Porn is a Killer of Men, got a lot of traction and reaction. In my life and ministry, I’ve encountered few men who don’t have a porn story, or at the very least admits that lust is a consistent battle in their lives. As I read this post, 3 Characteristics of Biblical Authenticity, from Roy Baldwin, it occurred to me that most men have never been challenged, encouraged or given the opportunity to tell the truth about their experiences or struggles in this area. There has been no place to be authentic. (Roy points out that authenticity should flow from what I am still learning versus what I already know. – And most of us, including me, still have much to learn in this arena.)

Take time to read this post and consider how you might work with the men of your church to create a Biblical Authenticity Zone. There are men all around us who need a chance to experience the three characteristics of Biblical Authenticity outlined by Roy.

Let us know if we can help you with ideas or resources about how to move the men of your church toward Biblical Authenticity.

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