Workshop Highlight: David Winters, Sabbatical of the Mind

Workshop Highlight: David Winters, Sabbatical of the Mind

With The Noble Man Roanoke Conference just around the corner, we still have a handful of workshop highlights to introduce to you. Our next workshop highlight is David Winters.

**David will also lead a workshop at The Noble Man Fredericksburg Conference on March 9.**

David is the author of Taking God to Work and will be leading a workshop at this year’s conference under the same title. This most recent book is driven by his passion in leading men in the workplace and through their work.

“All of us spend a third of our lives working. Men have a huge role in taking care of God’s world through our work. I love investing in workers so that they can invest in their workplace, customers and supervisors.”

Like most of our workshop presenters, David was also discipled by a handful of men before he began discipling men himself.

“Many men have poured into my life and encouraged me. Don Sallee stands out because he used our mutual interest in golf to encourage me in the Lord. We spent the time walking the course discussing how God was at work in our lives.”

As an author, David says his favorite book to give to others is always his current work.

“As an author, God pours a lot of His word into each of my non-fiction books. The best thing I can do is pass along the hours of study and joy that He gives me during those months of writing.”

When he’s not writing, David is also reading other influential authors. He’s currently reading I Am Jesus: Let’s Change the World by Elmer Towns.

“This book imagines what if Jesus was teaching us the Bible. It has energized my quiet time like never before.”

David’s own book was co-authored with friend and pastor, Steve Reynolds. He credits Steve as one of the heroes in his life.

“I’ve learned a lot about patience and discipline from Steve. His willingness (as a best-selling author) to write with me and help me along has been invaluable. More importantly, he showed me how to help others by investing in their work.”

At this time, the Bible verse that has spoken to David the most has been 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 because “we have to do everything with God’s love at our core.” When we asked him which man in the bible he identified most with in his life he had to say… well… David.

“We share a name and he was a very emotional guy. I get excited, angry, happy, etc. often. Psalms keeps me grounded.”

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