Battle Briefing | July 2022

Jesus sent the disciples out two by two to give them experience in what it would be like to carry on without him. He knew that his time on earth was short, and the Kingdom’s advancement would depend on these few disciples’ abilities to advance the mission and multiply disciples to expand the Kingdom. The King of the universe used a small trial to equip leaders.  

You are helping us follow his example as we recently launched the test of a new and exciting mentoring initiative we’re calling Titus 2 Catalyst. 

It is designed to answer the question nearly every church asks me.  

“Can you help us with intergenerational relationships and mentoring programs?” 

It’s tough. Intergenerational ministry is like a middle school dance. Everyone wants to have fun, but no one knows how to get started. Two contacts from Swift Creek Baptist Church are taking the lead, Art, an experienced small group leader, and Kaden, youth intern and Noble Warriors team member. 

Together they are identifying needs and developing resources for an eight-week program that will equip experienced, wise men and connect them with younger men hungry to learn. Why? Because the young man needs the old man’s wisdom, but the old man needs the young man’s strength. 

Praise God for your faithful giving that is resourcing teams of mentors and mentees to build and multiply discipleship relationships! 

Please Join Us in Prayer: 

  • That these pairs of young and seasoned men will help us refine a strategy to unleash the power of intergenerational discipleship. 
  • For rich, transparent, God-honoring conversations to take place and relationships to develop.  
  • Thanking him for eager and engaged men who are willing to help work this out.  

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