Discipleship of Men: Unique Mission. Specific Purpose.

Discipleship of Men: Unique Mission. Specific Purpose.

Minute with Mario / February 2018

By Mario Huffman, Development & Relationship Specialist 

As we celebrate the month of Love, it warms our hearts to see how the Lord has demonstrated His love with a special group of people on a unique mission. What an honor it is to join Mike and Stacy Young, and the Noble Warriors team. After serving in ministry the past four years with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), it was apparent our hearts began to yearn for a specific purpose.


Discipleship of men. 

Discipleship of men during a time of war.

It is evident that an invisible war has been declared in our communities, on our country, and around the world. As we partake in conversations, digest daily news, and absorb the decisions of men and women across the country, we understand “NOW” is the time to execute the mission to which we have been called. Upon a phenomenal meeting with Mike and Stacy at a local dessert parlor, the Lord blessed us with a partnership and a divine commitment to fight for the Kingdom of God.

February 2018, Holly and I celebrate two years of marriage, and anticipate the birth of a little one to arrive this summer. What better way to pave the way for those to follow than to embrace the great commission to make disciples? We thank God for the journey Mike and Stacy accepted, marked with trust and faithfulness.

Noble Warriors is strategically positioned to facilitate our calling by empowering men to walk with Christ and lead well.

We’re excited to join this team!

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