Family Update / August 2020

HANNAH is driving now! She scored 100% on her learner’s permit test and is now chauffeuring us around. She is our self-declared ‘best driving student’. (She’s not wrong! She was clearly listening while we taught her brothers.) 

BEN continues to enjoy his co-op experience working at a paper mill. When you see him, ask him how paper is made… he can go on for hours! This is such a good fit for him!  

ZACH has spent some time at the beach with his MOC-6 (Men of Christ) buddies from VT. He’s let his hair grow over the summer, so Hannah braided it for the beach! 

TIM and CAROLINE were able to travel to Kawaii with some friends for a bit of a break before Tim was out for a lengthy FTX (Field Training Exercise).  

We enjoyed a family camping trip on the New River over 4th of July weekend and celebrated STACY’S birthday with a picnic dinner and a sunset cruise (in kayaks, on the reservoir) with dear friends, Mike and Kelly Lucas.  

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