Family Update | May 2023

ZACH has spent most of April in Greece. His unit is receiving their Chinooks and preparing to fly to their assigned post in Eastern Europe. He led a Bible study on Easter morning with 7 other believers. They celebrated the resurrection and discussed the significance of that region in Christian church history.  

April has been grueling for BEN with many senior projects for his engineering classes. He was the best man at a cousin’s wedding in late March and brought a couple of guys from Raleigh to experience The Noble Man conference. He’s gearing up for his summer mission to South Asia. 

LIAM is scheduled for his second open heart surgery in May. Thanks for your continued prayers for him and their family. We’ll share an update next month. 

HANNAH and her roommate, Lorraine, joined us for worship on Easter Sunday. She’s making plans for summer work and fun.

NW Team Highlight

KAREN HUTTON (NW Administration) and her family experienced God’s goodness in an unexpected way this month. In a freakish accident, an older neighbor ran into and totaled two of their cars and damaged their garage door and a basketball goal. Thankfully, no one was hurt! Through that incident, the Huttons have been able to have gospel conversations with neighbors and even pray with the man behind the wheel. They are thankful for God opening doors—even through property damage. Only He can bring glory from a mess like this!  

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