Part 3 of the BE AN AMBASSADOR Series.

As 2022 comes to a close, we want you to know the difference your giving makes. Through our Titus 2 MENtoring initiative, we come alongside pastors in their work of ministering week-in and week-out to their men, and we praise God for our supporters’ prayers and financial gifts that enable us to do so! Here’s one pastor’s testimony. 

When you join us as a monthly partner, you become anAmbassador for Effective Intergenerational Discipleship. 

When we set out to create the Titus 2 MENtoring initiative, a priority was to remove some of the roadblocks to intergenerational discipleship in the local church in a way that engages men to lead and facilitate without placing an extra burden on our pastors. 

We launched this summer through Swift Creek Baptist Church and we’ve had great outcomes on both accounts!  

Pastor Monty Guice is passionate about discipling men, and it’s built into the DNA of Swift Creek. It’s crucial to the church, but that doesn’t mean it comes easy. 

He knows firsthand the challenges churches face when launching men’s discipleship.  

  • Seasoned men don’t think they have anything to offer. 
  • The men you need often think past mistakes disqualify them. 
  • The men don’t feel confident knowing where to start or what to say. 
  • Young men have an innate, God-given desire to be mentored by older men, but they’ve got to get past feeling nervous or awkward to get to the cool stuff. 

The Titus 2 MENtoring program is a package he can get into the hands of men in the church and address these challenges by: 

  • Asking men to begin by just making a small investment. 
  • Telling them exactly how to start. 
  • Eliminating the initial awkwardness that causes inertia. 
  • Showing men what a win looks like – and it’s not being able to solve all problems or teach an in-depth Bible study. 
  • Taking the intimidation out with easy-to-follow steps and conversation starters so there’s no panic over not knowing what to say or what to talk about. 
  • Giving them the tools to get 3-4 successful meetings under their belt. 
  • Making it enjoyable – both generations of men benefit. 

He saw the value of the initiative right away – and he saw results.

“Some things need to be on your plate… this should be on the plate. This is important to the local church.”  

Pastor Monty teaches his own children they can learn the easy way and not the hard way by learning from someone else’s wisdom and mistakes. They need someone other than a parent to come alongside them, and it is part of what will keep them in the local church. It’s a solution Titus 2 MENtoring facilitates. 

“This is the strength of the church – when you take your young men and invest in them. They will be your men in a few years.” 

Want to change the DNA of your church when it comes to men’s discipleship? Development for the Titus 2 MENtoring Course is in-process! By investing in Noble Warriors through a monthly partnership or your end-of-year giving, you are part of getting this solution into the hands of even more pastors who are passionate about men’s discipleship and the future of men in the church. 

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