I met Bernie Ritterbush around 2005 at a National Coalition of Ministries to Men conference in Washington D.C., and as he reminds me, it was before the official launch of Noble Warriors. In this episode, we discuss the difference between discipleship and disciple-making with Bernie, who has been an intentional disciple-maker for almost 50 years. He’s worked with Christian Business Men’s Committee (now Connection), founded the Men’s Ministry Network in 1996, and he’s the creator of (re)THINK Disciplemaking: Seeing God’s Map for Becoming and Making Mature Disciples. 

“The one thing that will end is our disciple-making – life on life. When we are gone, our life can’t be part of that picture anymore. The main purpose God has us on the planet is to reproduce.”

Disciple-making is the intentional process that produces a disciple. Over time, Bernie learned to reverse-engineer the discipleship process and emphasize the core competencies of what it means to walk with Jesus in obedience and humility and implement His Truth in our lives. 

We want to be Jesus-followers, not just scholars.  

Don’t be afraid of making a mistake; He will redeem that. Judas betrayed Jesus. Men may not turn out the way that you want, but be obedient to what the Lord wants you to do in terms of investing in other men. He grows and gives the increase. 


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