Carlos Santiago, Writer and Content Developer for Family Life, wrote an article which captured my attention about How to Raise a Boy to be a Man. It triggered the questions many fathers of sons might have. How do I begin leading my son into godly manhood? When do I start? How young is too young? What principles do I begin with? Carlos dives into these answers, and most importantly we talk about how to begin by leading ourselves.  

Leadership is developed before you get married, because to lead others, including our wives and children, we must lead ourselves first. That might be easier said than done when it comes to things like understanding your heart, asking for help, controlling your emotions, and taking responsibility. But Carlos leads us through practical examples of how to begin doing these things ourselves so that we can lead our sons. 

“Manhood is under attack everywhere you go. People don’t have examples readily available, and others are getting torn down.” 

If you’ve ever felt a void in what it means to be a godly leader as a man, whether personally, in culture, or even in the church, you’re not alone. I hope you’ll listen in for Carlos’ valuable insight on leading the next generation of boys into biblical manhood. 


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