“Evangelism without discipleship is cruel.” 

Why it is worthy to invest in men? Patrick Morley tells the tale of two men who stepped into the church seeking answers. One man, Patrick’s father, was met with friendliness, but there was no discipleship in what a godly man, husband, and father should be. The other man, Patrick, was met with readiness and a plan to guide him toward biblical manhood. The difference affected their lives, the lives of their families for generations to come, and the lives of men around them for eternity.  

Patrick gives 4 things to think about that holy moment when a man reaches for that front door. 

  1. The sanctity of that moment – all the prayers that went into getting him there. 
  1. How God has been sovereignly orchestrating the events of his life to bring him to that point. 
  1. How challenging it is to swallow his pride and admit he needs help. 
  1. All the spiritual forces working to prevent that moment from happening. 

He also discusses 4 questions for a church to have an intentional plan and be prepared when a man walks through that door. 

  1. Why did he come?  
  1. What problems is he hoping to solve?  
  1. What does he need from us?  
  1. How can we provide that? 

The church was ready for him.  

“The difference was the DNA of the two churches. Mine and my dad’s DNA was the same.” 


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