Dr. Joe Martin, Founder & Creator of  RealMenConnect.com, joins the podcast this week to talk about why we should be investing in men. Dr. Joe’s story of God working in his life is one of the most compelling that I’ve listened to personally.

He overcame a challenging childhood, and on the outside, his life displayed success after success. On the inside, like many men who “ain’t been taught,” he was at a loss when it came to knowing what it means to be a man. After losing a marriage due to personal failures, godly men came into his life to disciple him. 

He felt as many men do, “Who do I tell and admit I don’t know what I’m doing or how to be a man?”

“Men are struggling. Men are frustrated. They want to win at what matters most and the battles they have to fight every day.” 

“Men want to do better, but not every man is equipped in how to do better.” 

Dr. Martin gives practical strategies on how to build the Kingdom through the progression of fellowship, to brotherhood, then discipleship, and finally disciple-making.  

“Go smaller so you can grow bigger.” 

We must be Kingdom-focused rather than church-focused in the sense that we want to build the Kingdom for the glory of God rather than build churches for the glory of men. Pray about what God wants us to do to invest in men in our churches to grow in maturity and to see the Kingdom grow. 

“No good man can become a great man without the help of a godly man.” 


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