“What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century? It’s the biggest evangelistic hook in the church today.” 

Mike welcomes Dr. Robert Lewis to The Noble Man Podcast this week to discuss a new tool for reaching men. Dr. Lewis has been creating biblical manhood resources for decades, and he was there in the beginning at the NCMM Conference in 2004 when Mike recognized the call to men’s ministry. 

Dr. Lewis had to figure manhood out for himself. Even after his ministry training, he “had all the tools to preach, teach, and do Bible study but didn’t have a clue about masculinity.” He is a pioneer when it comes to men’s ministry resources like Men’s Fraternity, 33, and now, BetterMan. Developed as an outreach tool, BetterMan emphasizes relationships over information – perfect for reaching today’s generation. 

“Most ministries don’t have an outreach tool that non-Christians would want to come to. All men have an interest in masculinity.” 

BetterMan is an on-ramp for young men to understand biblical masculinity, and as that is established, it introduces what the Bible says and becomes an outreach tool. We need a simple foundation of what masculinity is to build on. Dr. Lewis explains that it’s like “building a building in thin air if there is no foundation of manhood.” 

We’re discussing how to reach men, and BetterMan is an effective tool for reaching and helping them find solid masculine clarity along with biblical clarity. “That’s the kind of guy who’s going to be able to stand up and be a difference-maker.” 

Mike shows us a great example in Acts 16 that if we can “Help a man get to Jesus, chances are he’s going to bring his family.” 


Raising a Modern-Day Knight by Robert Lewis 

Men’s Fraternity  

33 The Series 


Five Essentials to Engage Today’s Men Barna Report 

The Big Baby Boomer Opportunity for the Church by Sam Rainer 

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