This week on The Noble Man Podcast Episode 52, Mike gets to recap our recent themes with Clair Hoover, Executive Director of NCMM (National Coalition of Ministries to Men). Clair gives his perspective on the variety of ministries and strategies that can be effective in reaching men. 

Clair had a set plan for his life, but God’s plan was different. “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” He was creating success in business and finances, but his life changed when two friends in a small accountability group pulled him aside to deal with him honestly. 

“Your sons have everything but a dad.” 

Reality hit him, and he didn’t like it. He avoided the group for a while, but he returned as a different man. Today, he is in business partnership with his two sons, and he dedicates most of his time to ministering to men. 

Join Mike and Clair as they discuss: 

Why men? Why should we invest in men? 

“Because I love women and children.”  

Did you know that if a man becomes a churchgoer, there’s a 93% chance his family will follow? 

What are men looking for? 

God designed us in his DNA. He’s looking for a cause worth dying for. 

How do we reach men? 

Meet them where they are, and then we can bring them up spiritually. 

Clair offers some crucial encouragement to pastors who value and seek to prioritize men’s ministry even in the face of everyday pressures of full-time church ministry.  

“Find great leaders and then get out of their way.” 

When Jesus called his disciples in Mark 1, we see they went “immediately” – without hesitation. As you listen to Clair’s testimony of how God called him into ministry despite his reluctance, I pray you will also be emboldened to answer Jesus’ call to “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” 


NCMM – National Coalition of Ministries to Men 

NCMM directory – List of men’s ministries 

Clair Hoover – For more information on joining the NCMM, call (717) 682-4517 

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Kids Outdoor Zone – TJ Greaney and Rick Magee (Go Outside and Change a Life)  

A Chosen Generation – Helping churches and families create strategies for intergenerational ministry. 

Sportsman’s Church – Off the trail, on the water, and in the woods sharing the amazing grace of Jesus Christ. 

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