We’re talking about April wisdomnot April fool’s – on The Noble Man Podcast Episode 53 with Dr. Paul Chipman. Mental health isn’t something most of us generally like to talk about, but most of us have struggled with negative thoughts to some degree. This episode is a must-listen, full of practical tips on recognizing those thoughts and bringing them into submission to the Word of God. 

Dr. Chipman offers hope and resources as he discusses his journey from thoughts of despair and desperation to finding mental health. After a series of failures, he recognized that his identity was built on sinking sand. “I didn’t guard my mind.”

Even as a successful pastor, he had built his self-image and self-esteem on things he had accomplished. It wasn’t until his worth and his work all came crashing down that he realized, “You’ll never know that Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you got.” The seriousness of the issue had him contemplating suicide for the first time in his life. But God showed him ways to renew his mind and be transformed by memorizing and following scripture. 

“It’s about controlling your thoughts rather than your thoughts controlling you.” 

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” Romans 12:2 

Dr. Paul’s Tips: 

Recognize the “Filthy 5” triggers: FURST. These thoughts are not of God, and we must replace them. 

F – Fear of the future 

U – Unhealthy comparison 

R – Regrets of the past 

S – self-condemning thoughts 

T – Temptations 

Check, Challenge, Change, Reframe: 

Check – What kind of thought is it of the Filthy 5? Think about what you’re thinking about. 

Challenge – Is this thought true, helpful, inspiring, non-condemning, in line with scripture? 

Change – Find a verse that shows what my mindset should be. 

Reframe – Find the purpose in the plan. 


Dr. Paul Chipman – Cell 804-387-9129, lowbaptist@aol.com or  drpchip84@gmail.com 

Think Right Live Right

Think Right Live Right: A 21-Day Plan to Overcome Negative Thoughts by Dr. Paul Chipman (Check out Dr. Tony Evans’ endorsement here.)

Hope for the Home Today – Resource for Christian counseling services

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