Next up in our Tailgate Series is Daniel Palmer, Senior Pastor of North Roanoke Baptist Church. It’s not every day you get a sermon delivered to a group of men from the book of Esther, so you know this is going to be good! Daniel gives a challenging and personal message, even sharing one of his own struggles. 

Esther 5 reveals a story on Haman, a high-ranking official who wanted to be recognized everywhere at all times for his nobility. He was a noble in the kingdom, but he was anything but a noble man. His pride was ultimately his demise. 

Too often, churches are full of guys like this who are not noble men but want to be treated like nobility. “My concern is men who are more impressed with themselves than with Jesus.” When we fall prey to this kind of pride, we could be standing in the way of God’s plans without even knowing it.  

“Churches don’t need our greatness. They need our unashamed, radical, passionate, self-sacrificing love for Jesus and those that He came to save.” 

Just like Haman needed real friends, noble friends, who would confront his pride, every man needs someone who can speak raw, hard truth to him. 

Listen in to learn three principles we need to employ to avoid being part of Satan’s work of undermining God’s plan to glorify his Son. 

“We are not called to manage our sin; we are called to kill our sin.”


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