Battle Briefing | August 2021

..and it might range anywhere from “I never knew my dad” to “My dad was the largest and best influence in my life.” 

These stories cast a shadow over our lives for better or for worse. 

The Kendrick Brothers, creators of six – and counting – inspirational Christian films, are releasing their first documentary in September, and it focuses on Fatherhood. 

This powerful film explores the perfect Fatherhood of God and the relationship He desires to have with each of us.

It couldn’t have come at a better time. With divisions and disagreements in our country, and even within the church, both secular and sacred evidence agree on the importance of fatherhood and its ripple effect on our lives.

As partners in ministry, we can be catalysts to bringing the body together to focus on our Father and on the calling of fathers. We’d love to see groups going to watch together, inviting others to come along, and making time to discuss the heart of God as our Father. Yes, watching movies is fun, and the film highlights some great personalities such as Dr. Tony Evans, Jim Daly of Focus on the Family, and several NFL players. 

But at its core is a cause we are fighting for, modeling our lives after our Father and fulfilling our mission as dads.

Here’s our challenge…

get a group of friends, neighbors, or a church small group to see this film and discuss together. Groups can view it as early as August 27. Check out for details.

  • Pray that Noble Warriors can have conversations using this resource with new churches and leaders we don’t currently have a relationship with.

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