Family Update / July 2020

TIM has resumed training with his unit and is preparing for a significant field exercise in July. He and CAROLINE continue to delight in their church and small group.

HANNAH’S enjoying two girls’ Bible studies that are now meeting in person and has picked up some new baby-sitting gigs. She’s also helping organize the Noble Warriors library. She’s very excited about this job.

BEN finally started his co-op at the Westrock papermill in Hopewell. He’s loving the experience and has resumed meeting with his seasoned men Bible study group on Tuesday nights.

ZACH is working construction with Stacy’s dad and is learning about multiple phases of residential construction. He stays in touch with his MoC-6 (Men of Christ 6) small group from VT. BTW… Zach and Ben did get the second transmission working properly and have now purchased yet another truck with transmission issues!

STACY and I were able to get away for a weekend trip to Staunton, VA (Stacy really wanted the beach…) to celebrate 28 years of marriage! We had a great time hiking and walking downtown.

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