Workshop Highlight: Gary Wood, BDC Capital Management

Workshop Highlight: Gary Wood, BDC Capital Management

There’s still time to register for The Noble Man Richmond and there’s also a few more workshop presenters we need to introduce! Gary Wood, President of BDC Capital Management, specializes in  Biblically Responsible Investing and will be leading a workshop titled, Biblically Responsible Investing: A Challenge for Our Time. As a Certified Financial Planner, Gary sees his work as just another ministry to help men and their families use their finances for the glory of God.

“I have made my ministry of Biblically Responsible Investing the focus of operation for my company and for teaching ministry. [I am passionate about sharing] Biblical Financial Precepts that help men and their families be faithful stewards of God-given resources.”

Before he was a CFP, however, Gary’s discipleship journey started in Lynchburg with Jerry Fallwell. He also cited Jerry Fallwell as the hero in his life.

“Growing up in Lynchburg without a Father, the Church became a very important part of my life, filling a void.”

Right now, Gary is reading The Eternity Portfolio Illuminated, which teaches approaches to faith-based philanthropy and charitable gifting. His favorite book to give to others is The Word on Finances: Topical Scriptures and Commentary by Larry Burkett.

At this point in his walk, he says the scripture that is speaking to him most is Proverbs 1:5 and he says the man in scripture he has always identified with has been Paul.

“His courage and tremendous faith is an ever present inspiration to me.”

If you’re interested in learning how to steward your finances well and to use them for the glory of God, you don’t want to miss Gary’s workshop at The Noble Man Richmond! Be sure to check out our other incredible presenters and keynotes. We can assure you there is a workshop here for you! Register today!

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