In the true spirit of giving, Matt Newquist did something pretty cool. He gave away an entire case of our Dad’s Tools for Spiritual Leadership® Let’s Build a Manger!® kits, using social media!

What is a Let’s Build a Manger!® kit? 

Let’s Build a Manger!® is our way of putting practical and useful spiritual tools in your hands. It’s a hands-on, simple kit that comes complete with everything you need to build a small manger together with your children and share spiritual truths to go along with it. 

Community Giving 

Last year, Matt and his family had moved to a new neighborhood not long before the pandemic shut things down. It was challenging for the family to make connections and be part of the community, so Matt decided to do something about that. 

He recognized that because of the crazy and uncertain circumstances of 2020, churches were still either not open or not having many events to celebrate Christmas. The Lord put it on his heart to give away one of the Let’s Build a Manger!® kits.  

“What if I could give a gift and at the same time support Noble Warriors?” 

He purchased one of the Let’s Build a Manger!® kits from Noble Warriors, and he posted it on his local neighborhood Buy Nothing group. The Buy Nothing Project‘s mission is to “build community by connecting people through hyperlocal gifting.”

Matt loved the idea of gifting what is valuable to others and building community through local giving and receiving. 

So, he posted a gift online – one kit, and he got many responses. The group’s premise is that those who desire the gift would ask to be considered to receive it. The giver will then choose the recipient of his choice. There were a lot of responses right away, and when Matt saw how much interest there was, he didn’t want to turn anyone away. In the true spirit of Christmas giving, he chose to purchase an entire case of Let’s Build a Manger!® kits so he could gift one to every person who wanted to have one rather than choose just one recipient. 

He spent time arranging pickups and deliveries and meeting new people. He even had a few families reach back out to him after they built their manger to share with him about their experience. He had given one to all who had asked, but he had one left. Finally, one more person put in a request at the last minute, and he gave away the final one. He had purchased just the right amount for every person who asked. 

The Perfect Gift 

Matt had done the Let’s Build a Manger!® kit with his own family, and he loved it so much that he’s led church groups in doing them together too. He has seen the benefit of the manger-building kits, how it gets kids involved with all the materials provided and gives the opportunity to do the devotions along with it.  

He knew it would be the perfect way to approach the community, with a gift that was valuable and available to anyone who wanted it. And it was a way for him to introduce the Gospel to the community, to anyone who was open, without being pushy. 

Now, his Facebook group is over 1000 people, and new people are moving into the neighborhood all the time. Matt wants people to know the kits are still available and allow new neighbors to use them as well.  

He thought last year’s giving was such a cool experience that he’s planning on doing it again this year and perhaps making it an annual tradition. 

We thought it was such a cool idea that we are asking, “How about you?” 

How About You? 

Have you often thought you’d love to keep Christ first throughout the Christmas season, but you are not exactly sure how to go about it? 

Have you thought about ways you’d like to bring up Jesus to friends, family, or neighbors who might not know Him, but you’re not sure where to start? 

Dad’s Tools for Spiritual Leadership® will help you: 

  • Engage – get your kids’ attention with hands-on activities 
  • Equip – lead them toward practical application of Truth 
  • Encourage – help them live out the Gospel and share it with others 

A Movement, Not Just a Ministry 

Matt and Noble Warriors go way back, and it was his wife who first connected with us through a church event. Matt has served the ministry and been a longtime friend, but he says the ministry’s impact on him is immeasurable.

“It’s been a constant influence, from conferences to launching small groups, devotionals, emails, podcasts, pointing to resources.”

For Matt, partnership with Noble Warriors has helped build his foundation as a father and a husband, and he wants to help other fathers in the same way.  

We think it was a great idea for him to incorporate Let’s Build a Manger!® into his strategy, and we hope you’ll join him! 

You can purchase just one kit for yourself, get the Build One Give One Special for you and a friend, or like Matt, you can purchase a whole case and spread the Good News this Christmas throughout your community. You could even use them with your church. Last year, churches in 15 states and 26 cities utilized Let’s Build a Manger!® kits. 

Now is the time. You can give a gift and support the movement. 

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