Minute with Mike | November 2022

When I talk about our kids at various events, I often talk about how they grew up surrounded by men’s ministry. We are thankful that each of the boys embraced that context rather than run away from it. Tim, Zach, and now Ben have each helped launch and lead studies in biblical manhood among their peers during their college years. 

Recently, Ben rounded up a group of eight young men and a couple of seasoned advisors who are experiencing BetterMan® together on Thursday nights at NC State. The young men are eager to have some clarity about true manhood in a culture that struggles to see value in men. The seasoned guys are enjoying the opportunity to invest in the next generation. 

Thank God for these young and seasoned men’s willingness to explore Biblical Manhood together.

I am personally thankful for your faithful support and prayers that have sustained our family over these 17 years. 

It has allowed us not only to minister deeply among churches across VA but also to send out Young ambassadors to share what they have learned in other states and contexts. (Fear not – Hannah has some real clarity about what true manhood is as well! She won’t be leading a men’s Bible study, but she is sharing what she’s learned with some young ladies!) 

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Mike Young
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